About Andy and Andy’s Bike Parts


Andy’s Bike Parts is an Autojumble, Show & web based outlet for a range of used spares, restoration projects and ride away bikes, mostly from the 1960’s to 1990’s although the odd newer and older one will slip in now and again, Stock is obtained from where ever it can be legally sourced, most of it at the moment has come from Oaklahoma, USA which as you might know is quite a dry state, so although there may be some corrosion there is little chance of the rot we so often get in our tinware in the UK.

Restoration projects will come with all the paperwork to register the bike onto UK plates (current DVLA fee is 12 months road tax plus £55.00 registration fee), ALL import duties paid. So no hidden extras. Do remember that although bikes from abroad may look the same as their UK equivalents there may be some differences which may include but are not restricted to, carburation & jetting, bodywork, electrical’s & their operation, exhausts, etc..

Yamaha motorbike ready to ride away Spares engine block

Please satisfy yourself before buying any vehicle or part that it is suitable for what you want & need, a few questions now will save a lot of time later, as always all questions related to the items for sale will be answered as soon as is possible. the web site is updated on a regular basis but cannot be guaranteed 100% up to date all the time, I will do my best but am only one person.